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US Nano’s scalable synthesis of nanowires is protected by US Patent 9,306,110.  Additional patent applications pending in the United States and worldwide.

Summary of US Nano’s Nanomaterials Synthesis: Scalable Production of Semiconductor Nanowires

  • US Nano’s patented process allows the large scale production of inorganic semiconductor nanowires
    • process can run unattended for a day
    • produces gram quantities
    • product quality the same over the course of the run
TEMs from Scalable Synthesis of Nanowires by hour showing consistent quality

TEMs of the output of scalable synthesis of nanowires by hour. The images show the quality of nanowires produced hourly over a 9 hour CdSe Nanowire production run.

  • Methods lower synthesis dramatically
    • material costs into scalable commercialization ranges
    • further cost reduction opportunities still possible
  • Process can easily be modified to produce any type of semiconductor nanowire
    • III-V (e.g. InAs, GaAs)
    • IV (e.g. Si, Ge)
    • II-VI (e.g. CdSe, CdS, ZnSe, CdTe, CdS, ZnO)
    • IV-VI (e.g. PbS, PbSe, ternary blends)
    • core/shell wires (e.g. CdSe/ZnS)


If our method for the scalable synthesis of nanowires could accelerate your research or commercialization project, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Scalable Synthesis of Nanowires- US Nano’s Image Gallery

US Nano’s nanowire synthesis method can be used to produce large volumes of high quality nanowires.  Some transmission electron micrographs (TEMs) of nanowires we’ve produced can be seen below.  The nanowires can then be incorporated into nanoinks, and used to make various devices.  Visit our technology page for an overview of the entire device fabrication process from start to finish.