Semiconductor Nanowires

In addition to the clear cost advantage in certain sectors, nanowires can deliver important advantages over traditional semiconductors in the following areas:

    • Thin, flexible form factors – Nanowires are capable of delivering attributes simply not possible with conventional semiconductor wafers, which opens up virtually unlimited form factor opportunities, including delivering semiconductors that can adhere to skin, fabric, walls and windows.
    • Ruggedness- These materials allow for more rugged and durable products than are available with traditional, rigid and bulky semiconductors.
    • Transparency – Compared to traditional semiconductors, which are completely opaque, nanowire-constructed semiconductors can be deposited with varying degrees of density, including thin layers that allow for transparent devices.

Why US Nano

      We passionately believe in the internet of things. A world of millions of smart devices supplying endless data to solve any problem. To get there, we need small, cheap, rugged and flexible electronics that can be unobtrusively incorporated into anything.
      We are committed to making this happen, and we believe our technologies will be key enablers in a variety of applications.

      Extensive Portfolio
      While we are a new company and have the endless enthusiasm of start-up, we are grounded with an extensive portfolio of expertise in key areas such as deposition, synthesis, and nanomaterials development. With decades of experience in these areas, we have the know-how to make these technologies work.

      Partnering for Innovation
      Nanomaterials show amazing potential for flexible electronics, solar cells, pollution remediation, biological sensors, chemical sensors and optical sensors. However, to fully realize this potential innovation must occur through-out the supply chain. If you are interested in exploring how we can partner to produce some amazing products, please contact us at

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