Semiconductor Nanowires

US Nano offers the largest range of diameters of semiconducting nanowires. This allows researchers to explore quantum confinement or bulk properties. We have detailed structural and optical characterization (including absorption cross-sections) of our materials.

Nano-materials have applications in photovoltaic, sensor, and pollution remediation areas and US Nano’s novel offerings will allow improved performance in nano-materials based devices.

Why US Nano

We come from a university background and, therefore, we understand the pressures and realities of academic research. US Nano is not only a materials or chemical manufacturing company; we aim to provide specialty nano-materials to assist you in your innovative research. To that end, our job does not end when we sell a batch of nanowires; rather we promise to provide technical assistance and even custom synthesis in order to support your investigations. We know access to ready-made molecules and materials of interest enormously accelerates scientific productivity. Nanomaterials are an exciting new class of materials, but as yet they are not widely available. US Nano aims to fill this void and to offer these unique materials to the nanostructures community.
Extensive Portfolio
While our focus is semiconducting nanowires, our backgrounds include synthesis of a variety of different nanomaterials. Need an exotic product? US Nano can custom synthesize it for you. We have made Quantum Dots, Nanobelts, Nanosheets, and Nanorods in addition to nanowires. Our goal is to continually add new products to enhance your research.
Partnering for Innovation
US Nano believes nanomaterials show amazing potential for flexible electronics, solar cells, pollution remediation, biological sensors, chemical sensors and optical sensors. We believe the limiting factor in the commercialization of nanomaterials-based technology is that most nanomaterials are not available unless you synthesize them yourself. By providing nanowires, US Nano hopes to accelerate innovation. Whether you need 5 mg to perform a small scale lab experiment, or 50 g for a pilot device run, US Nano can help. Please contact us for more information.

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