US Nano Interview with Suncoast News Network

  • January 28, 2015

The Suncoast News Network goes inside US Nano’s new nanotechnology lab in Sarasota.  At the nanotechnology lab, scientists are working on a cutting edge breakthrough could affect everything from smartphones to batteries. US Nano uses semiconductor nanomaterials to produce devices that are printed on just sheets of plastic.  Not only are these devices cheap and rugged, you can bend, roll, fold up, and it will work perfectly fine.  US Nano’s proprietary nanomaterial is a key enabler of this breakthrough.

The high-tech firm relocated to the Suncoast from South Bend, Indiana with the help of the Sarasota EDC. US Nano president Alex Gusev says there are plans for more expansion hoping to bring big development to Sarasota and make a large economic contribution to the community.